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As part of the visa application process, you need to show proof of several trips. The government needs this information in order to give you the correct visa and understand your intended destination. Putting together the right paperwork can be hard because there are so many things you should and shouldn’t do. Find out what a hotel booking for visa is, why you need one, and how to get one in this article.

If you want to get a hotel booking for schengen visa, you need to show proof of accomodation. This could be an invitation letter, a letter from a sponsor, a hotel reservation, or a rental deal. This post will provide information about how to use the FlightGen app to book a hotel room for a Schengen visa.

FlightGen allows you to make temporary flight and hotel reservations for schengen visa in an easy way.
  • Instantly generate flight itinerary and hotel reservations for visa purposes.
  • Choose your own flight, hotel reservation that you will mostly purchase if your visa is approved.
  • Get your bookings in native currency (very important for Schengen visa applications)
  • The lowest option, when compared to other sites that charge about $20 each booking (just $10 for unlimited flight and hotel itineraries).
  • No additional cost is required to add co-applicants.

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What Is A Hotel Reservation for Visa?

A hotel reservation is a required document for tourist visas. It is used as proof of accommodation for visa applications. A hotel reservation for a visa can be secured from any booking service, with or without paying the entire cost.

You will need to make a hotel reservation in advance to as proof of accommodation . While this might make sense for the visa officers, it is too risky to make these bookings before you have your visa sticker stamped on your passport.

Embassies and consulates often refer to a hotel reservation as:

  • Proof of accommodation
  • Hotel booking
  • Hotel itinerary
  • Hotel voucher
  • Lodging

All these terms basically mean the same thing, hotel reservation.

How can I get a hotel booking for a visa?

A few websites, like, let you book rooms without using a credit card, but they are either very expensive or of some unknown hotels, which raises questions with the consulate.

One customer booked a hotel 200 kilometers from the city core, but his visa was rejected.

If you make cancelable reservations, a credit card may be needed, and the hotels may impose a lock-in charge that will be removed after 60 days. See this stack overflow example of the same.

What is the difference between hotel booking & hotel reservation of Schengen visa processing?

A hotel booking for schengen visa requires full payment for confirmation, but a hotel reservation for schengen visa does not. If you don’t show up, your seat may be given to someone else. Speech may use both terms interchangeably.

The consulate demands fully paid hotel reservations for visas. You can often prove your ability to support yourself by submitting bank statements or a credit card balance. You can confidently make reservations and book them after your visa is approved.

Mentioning your submission in your cover letter is crucial. To submit genuine hotel bookings for your visa application, put “Fully paid hotel bookings for the duration of the trip” and indicate if you are supplying an itinerary or a temporary. Travel booking agent-provided hotel itinerary. Once visa is issued, bookings will become completely paid.”

What information should the hotel booking document include for visa application?

Your hotel confirmation letter must have these details:

  • Your entire name.
  • Other visitors will be staying with you.
  • Hotel’s address
  • Please provide the dates of your stay and the hotel booking code.

Based on the information you’ve given here, the diplomatic or visa facilitation officer who is looking over your visa application will decide how long your visa will be valid. For example, if you have plans to stay in France for three days, Germany for two days, and Spain for four days, the visa officer may decide that 14 days is enough time for your visa.

If you need a visa that is good for 20 days, you can show that you have a short reservation for 20 days, plus 7 days in the Netherlands. This will give you time to look around some more if you have it.

You can also send a fake hotel reservation as proof of accomodation. This method is not at all the same as a fake hotel ticket, even though it is sometimes called one. It’s just a reservation; you won’t have to pay for it until your visa application is approved.

FlightGen can help you book a hotel room without having to pay the full price.

Do I have to book hotel before applying for visa?

For most visa applications, you will need to make hotel booking for visa in advance to prove that you have the ability to sponsor your trip.

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Can I book hotels online for Schengen visa?

Yes. But not without trouble. “Pay at hotel” is a choice on most hotel websites, but there are two problems with it. Unfortunately, this choice might not work for your hotel. If it does, you may need to use a credit card to make the reservation, and the hotel may hold on the full amount that is owed for the reservation.

In the event that you decide not to stay at this hotel, you will have to wait more than 60 days to receive your money back.

Sample hotel booking for Schengen visa application

Here is a sample of proof of accommodation that you can create on Flightgen.

proof of accommodation for visa
proof of accommodation for visa

The hotel confirmation letter should include the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Your entry and exit dates
  • Hotel contact details, such as phone number and email
  • A valid hotel reservation code
  • Hotel address

4 Reasons to Reserve Schengen Visa Hotels Instead of Booking

  • Financial loss in the event of Schengen visa rejection.
  • A visa is granted solely for the duration of your hotel reservations for visa.
  • Inflexibility in altering your travel arrangements.
  • Minimize your evidence of sustenance.

Can I use dummy hotel reservation for visa?

There are two scenarios when you can use dummy hotel reservation for visa. If you have sufficient proof of sustenance like money in your bank accounts and credit cards and you have mentioned the same in your cover letter submitted for your Schengen visa application .


1. Do Schengen visas require hotel reservations?

A hotel reservation is required for a Schengen visa. Schengen visa applications require proof of lodging., Expedia, and Orbitz provide pay-at-the-hotel or refundable Schengen visa hotels.

2. Can I get Schengen visa using

Schengen visas can be booked on Hotel reservations on are accepted for Schengen visa applications. You can book any hotel with no deposit or free cancellation.

3. Do embassies check hotel reservations?

If needed, embassies can check hotel reservations. Your visa hotel booking must be verified. You must book accommodations on a trusted website or straight from the hotel. This allows the hotel to confirm your booking if the embassy calls them.

4. Is a dummy hotel reservation visa-worthy?

Embassy staff can verify hotel reservations. Booking phony hotels can get you in trouble. Faked documents might result in visa rejection or permanent prohibition.

5. Does US visa require hotel booking?

US visas do not require hotel reservations. US embassies stopped booking hotels and flights. No hotel reservation is needed for US visa. Simply list the name and address of your US hotel in your DS-160. The visa does not require booking that hotel.