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Spain, a country on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, includes 17 autonomous regions with diverse geography and cultures. Capital city Madrid is home to the Royal Palace and Prado museum, housing works by European masters. Segovia has a medieval castle (the Alcázar) and an intact Roman aqueduct. Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona, is defined by Antoni Gaudí’s whimsical modernist landmarks like the Sagrada Família church.

This page is for you, if you are a national of a nation that requires its citizens to obtain Spain Schengen visa.

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In order to get your Spain visa accepted, simply follow the steps listed below:

You can always contact our Spain visa consulting service if you need assistance.

We are always up to date on the visa procedure because we provide guidance on Schengen visas every day. Knowing the most recent visa procedures provides us the special advantage of making the process much quicker and less likely to contain errors that lead to the rejection of the visa.

Types of Spain Schengen Visa

The kind of visa you require is determined on the length and purpose of your trip. These can be grouped into:

Decide which type of Spain Schengen visa you need by looking at the list. Keep your passport and the passports of your co-applicants since we will schedule a Schengen visa appointment in the following section.

How can I schedule a Schengen visa appointment for Spain?

Booking your visa appointment for Spain visa as soon as possible is crucial because skipping this step could wreck your entire vacation itinerary.

When arranging a trip and learning there are no appointment times currently available with VFSGlobal, all of your flights, hotels, and travel schedule will be useless.

You can arrange your appointment at the time the consulate offers appointments for the subsequent three months. Additionally, you must schedule a separate meeting for each co-applicant, so be prepared with their information.

If there aren’t any appointments for Schengen visas, contact us and we’ll help you with other options.

Where Can I Schedule An Appointment To Apply For An Spain Schengen Visa?

Online appointments are available to apply for visas. However, we are unable to share a common connection, therefore you must check yourself as the URL to book an appointment varies on your location.

You will require an appointment with the Schengen consulate or with one of the organizations that process visas on behalf of clients, such VFSGlobal or BLSS Spain. Alternatives include using other outside services to schedule appointments for you.

Can My Entire Family Attend One Appointment?

No, each applicant must schedule a separate appointment for each member of their family. One account can schedule up to five Schengen visa appointments on the VFSGlobal platform. However, it might not be feasible to schedule everyone’s appointments on the same day.

What Information Should I Provide When Making an Appointment?

We’ll require information like your name, passport number, expiration date, and issue date. We will do that for you if you enter in this information or send a photo of your passport.

The consulate has varied visa requirements depending on the country. So that you can receive further information, we will get in touch with you.

When you schedule an appointment, you will receive an ARN (appointment reference number). Print it off and include it with your visa application.

Visit this page to learn more about Schengen visa appointments.

Spain Schengen visa requirements documents

The following stage is to gather the documentation needed for your Spain visa, which will depend on a number of circumstances, including the kind of visa, the applicant’s age and employment situation.

  • Passport
  • Trip Schedule
  • Evidence of Survival
  • Evidence of civil status

Additionally, the required documentation is dependent on the applicant’s employment situation, thus additional documentation may be required.

  • Employment contract
  • Copy of latest bank statements of atleast 6 months. These needs to be signed by the bank.
  • Leave approval letter from your company.
  • Income tax Returns (ITR ) forms.
  • A copy of your business registration like Tax or Company TIN or PAN
  • Copy of latest bank statements of atleast 6 months. These needs to be signed by the bank
  • Latest Income tax Proofs (ITR)
  •  Proof of Enrollment
  • No objection certificate from School or college.
  • A copy of your pension order for last 6 months
  •  Bank statements signed by the bank.

Birth certificate of the minor travelling to Spain.
Spain Visa application form signed by both parents.
Family court order. In cases where only one parent has full custody of the child.
Certified copies of ID/passport of both parents
Consent from the Guardianship Authority. If the minor will be travelling with only one parent, or alone with another person

  • Any other proof of regular income such as rental certificate.

Depending on the type of visa you are seeking for, you may also need to provide extra papers.

Additional Documents for Spain Tourist Visa

Additional Documents for Spain Business Visa

  • An invitation letter from the company that is inviting you to Europe.
  • A leave approval letter from your current employer stating both the approval of your leave/travel as well as reason for your travel.
  • Business Bank Statement of the last 6 months.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) copy of the original certificate.
  • Trade licensing Approval (if any)
  • Proof of Trip Sustenance : A clear letter from the employer stating who is responsible of the expenses of the trip. If the payment is done to the employee and the employee will be reimbursed later. It needs to be mentioned in the letter.

Additional documents for Spain Medical Visa

  • Evidence of payment for therapy (if any)
  • A letter from your own nation’s hospital declaring the necessity for treatment in the visiting country.
  • Letter of support for the treatment (if any)
  • Appointment with a hospital in a foreign country (if any)
  • A letter from the Ministry of Health indicating that they would cover your costs (if any)

Additional documents for Spain Student Visa

  • Evidence of enrollment in the institution
  • Certificate of no objection from your current college

Additional Documents for Spain Visitor Visa

The visitor visa format will be as follows:

  • An invitation letter is now required in the visa requirements section.
  • If visiting and staying with friends or family in Spain (without financial sponsorship):Invitation letter from the host, the letter must clearly identify the host and the invitee (name, address ,birth date, official identification number, occupations and permanent residence); the purpose of the visit; length of stay and accommodation status (where the invitee stays and who pays for it). Copy of the host’s passport and proof of residence).
  • If visiting and staying with friends or family in Spain (with financial sponsorship):If your visit is supported and paid for by a sponsor residing in Spain, an electronic affidavit which can be obtained by the host from the nearest aliens police in Spain is required.
  •  In some cases you might be asked to provide an “Electronic Guarantee Letter“. This service is free of charge and provided by the local aliens police. The authority dealing with your EVE will forward the information to the Austrian Embassy within 48 hours. You will receive an ID-number which the visa applicant should provide at the interview.

Additional Documents for Spain Transit Visa

  • Flight ticket to the ultimate destination.
  • A visa to the target country is necessary (if required)

Additional Documents for Spain Sports, Culture Visa

  • Event Information. As:
    • Invitation letter from the relevant body in Spain with details upon the nature of events or activities that are to be held in Spain.
    • Entry tickets to the event.
    • Enrolment conditions.
    • Detailed program of the event in Spain.
    • Other documents that present the Names of the applicants (crew members) and other relevant information about the event.
  • Proof of previous performances. Participation in previous festivals and ceremonies (cultural, religious), sports competitions, winners certificates, proof of world/international ranking (sports).

Additional Documents for Spain Spouse Visa

When applying to get an Spain visa as the spouse of an Spain citizen, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • Proof of Spain citizenship (ID card or consular card or certification of Austrian nationality or naturalization order).
  • Spain marriage certificate.
  • Spain family record book.

You must include the following information in the visa requirements part of the letter:

  • There are two application forms.
  • Marriage certificate copy
  • Copy of Spouse’s Passport and Residence Permit

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Do You Need A Ticket To A Flight To Apply For Spain Visa? A Flight Itinerary Can Be Used?

It is risky to have a fully paid travel ticket when applying for Spain Schengen visa, but you can make a temporary reservation or utilise a flight itinerary. You can purchase an airline ticket after your visa is accepted.

Using the FlightGen App, which is available to you, we construct flight itineraries for our customers. for additional information on utilising a flying itinerary for a visa.

How Does A Travel Itinerary affect Spain Visa Application?

A trip itinerary details your day-by-day plans for Spain, if your visa application is granted. The consulate will consider this information to determine whether to grant your visa, thus it must be included in your cover letter or visa letter.

for additional information on writing a cover letter or a visa letter for an Spain Schengen visa.

When for Spain visa, is a cover letter required?

Yes. When requesting a Schengen visa, a cover letter is a required document. According to the VFS website, you must provide a cover letter to your appointment for a Schengen visa.

Is the purchase of travel insurance necessary to apply for a Schengen visa?

Yes. Any application for a Schengen visa, including one for Spain, must include proof of current, comprehensive travel insurance.

By 2022, this travel insurance must cover COVID and offer medical coverage of at least $50,000 & about $1 million in repatriation. Also required is a 0 deductible on the insurance. Below is a link to purchase insurance.

The cost of your travel insurance from is less than $1 per day.

How can I obtain an Spain Schengen visa?

It is crucial that you double-check your paperwork once you’ve scheduled your appointment and have the necessary papers at hand. Make sure you have secured the necessary transportation and lodging to the locations listed in the cover letter.

Check to see that the dates on the Spain visa application form correspond to the dates on your cover letter.

A cover letter is an essential component of the visa application process because it is the first thing the visa officer will read and the sole opportunity for one-on-one communication.

BlinkDocs App allows you to produce a cover letter for your visa application for just $5.

Next, print two copies of each document you’ve prepared, then arrange them in the order specified by the checklist.

Bring two blue pens, a soft copy of all the required paperwork, cash (since some visa consulates only accept cash), and a formal outfit to the interview.

Do not be anxious; you will be asked to submit your fingerprints, and if any problems with your documents are discovered, you will be given a short window of time to correct them and return.

If you have used our consultation service, you can reach out to the designated visa expert, who will respond to your questions.

Where can I apply for a Schengen visa for Spain?

This would vary on your country and legal system; in some, the Spain embassy processes visa applications, whilst in others, a third-party VAC, such as VFS Global, BLSS, or TLS Contact, may be granted the power to collect visa applications on behalf of the Spain consulate.

So pay close attention to this information and make sure you are aware of the local authorities responsible for issuing visas. Despite the fact that there may be Spain embassy near you, they might not deal with your visa application.

How long will it take for my Spain visa application to be approved?

The approval of your visa may take up to 15 working days from the moment your documents are submitted. However, it may take up to 25 days if there are lengthy extended holidays in between.

You can apply for Spain visa up to three months prior to your trip because Schengen visa appointments are available for 2 months at a time.

How much does a Schengen visa for Spain cost?

Adults must pay €80 for a Schengen visa to Spain, while children over the age of 6 must pay €40. Visa applications for minors under the age of six are free. There is a processing fee of €20 if you use VFS or BLSS to submit your application.

How to Pay the fees?

You will need to pay a certain Spain visa fee for the processing of your Schengen application by the Spanish authorities. According to your age, the fee for a Spain Schengen visa is as follows:

  • Adult applicants need to pay €80
  • Applicants from 6 to 12 years old need to pay €40
  • Applicants under the age of 6 are exempt from paying any processing fee

In addition, the nationals of a few countries, and some other categories depending on the purpose of application are exempt from paying the fee at all.

After you complete all these steps, you should wait for the processing of your visa.

Who needs a Schengen visa for Spain?

The Republic of Spain does not require a visa for citizens of EU member states, the EEA, or Switzerland to enter.

The Schengen Area or Spain may require a visa for visitors from other nations.

To determine if you require a visa or not, kindly visit the Federal Ministry of the Interior’s website.

In order to work or engage in activities related to work for a brief period of time, such as an internship, a foreign national who is not a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland must get a visa (see also “Temporary work visa”).

People from nations where visas are no longer required due to an EU regulation may enter Spain without a visa up to 90 days every 180 days if they are not working.

How to Apply for a Spain Visa?

To apply for a Spain visa follow the steps given below:

  1. Fill in the right visa application form.
  2. Collect the required documents.
  3. Make a visa appointment.
  4. Attend the visa interview and submit your biometrics.
  5. Pay the visa fee.

After you complete all these steps, you shall wait for the processing of your visa. You will receive an answer to your application, as soon as the processing is completed.

Is Spain Schengen visa easy to get?

Embassies/consulates of countries like France, Spain and Germany can take months to issue visas due to the overwhelming number of applications they receive, and their rejection rates are also on the higher side.

How long does it take to get a Schengen visa in Spain?

15 calendar days

The Embassy of Spain processes Schengen visa applications in up to 15 calendar days. Please note delivery of applications and collection of visas by BLS add to processing time. Processing time can be exceptionally extended to up to 45 days.

How can I increase my chances of getting a Schengen visa?

  1. Plan Ahead. Make sure you apply for your Visa well in advance of your intended travel date.
  2. Get the Right Documents.
  3. Prove Ties to Your Home Country.
  4. Be Consistent.
  5. Look for Help If You Need It.

Make a visa appointment

There are three ways to make a visa appointment for a Spain visa:

  • Through a phone call
  • Online
  • In person

It all depends on how the Spanish authorities have regulated this procedure in your country of residence. You should check with them for more information in this regard.

How long is Spain Schengen visa valid for?

You can stay up to 90 days in Spain on a Schengen visa. Holders of Schengen visas to Spain who spend 90 days in the country must wait another 90 days before re-entering the country on another Schengen visa (assuming they apply for and receive a second Schengen visa after their first visa has expired). This requirement limits would-be applicants to 180 consecutive days in the Schengen area, and in effect means you could apply for and receive a maximum of two (2) Schengen visas per year, to spend (non-consecutively) a total of 180 days Spain/the zone.

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