How to Download and Fill Schengen visa Application Form?

Table of Contents

Schengen visa is one of the most popular visa categories in the world. You need to apply for Schengen visa, if you are planning to travel to Schengen countries. So here you need to download the application form and need to know how to fill the form. The completion of the Schengen Visa application form is a quite difficult step in the procedure. In this application, it has 37 questions which need to be filled out by the applicant by hand with respective details. 

First, you should have photographs to glue on your Schengen visa application form which should meet the visa photograph specifications and visa requirements.

We will guide to fill the form step by step, please follow the steps.

Page 1 Contains

  • Your Surname as mentioned on your passport (Family Name)
  • Your Surname (at Birth) if it is different from the first question
  • Write your First Name as mentioned on your passport
  • Write Your Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • Write your place of your birth as mentioned on your passport
  • Write Your Current Nationality / Nationality at birth if it is different
  • Specify your gender
    • Male
    • Female
  • Specify your Marital Status
    • Single
    • Married
    • Seperated
    • Divorced
    • Widow(er)
    • Other (Specify)
  • In Case if you are Minor (below 18 years), then write your Parent/gradian’s
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Address
    • Nationality
  • Nationality Identity Number, where applicable
  • Specify the type of your Passport
    • Ordinary Passport
    • Diplomatic Passport
    • Service Passport
    • Official Passport
    • Special Passport
    • Other Travel Document (please specify)
  • Write your passport number as mentioned on your Passport
  • Date of issue
  • Valid until
  • Issued By – Specify the authority that issued the passport and the place of issue
  • Write your current Address and Email ID
  • Write your Phone Number
  • Residence in a country other than the country of current nationality
    • No
    • yes (residence permit / equivalent no:_____ valid till:_____)
  • Write your Designation
  • if you are Employed, write your
    • Name
    • Address and
    • Telephone Number
  • If you are Student, write your
    • Institute Name
    • Address
  • Describe your purpose of your travel
    • Tourism
    • Business
    • Visiting family or Friends
    • Sport
    • Official Visit
    • Medical reason
    • Study
    • Transit
    • Airport Transit
    • other (Please mention)

Page 2 Contains

  • Write name of the Schengen State of your main destination
  • As per the ticket, Mention member state of first entry (Only Schengen state considered)
  • Mark your desired number of entries
    • Single entry
    • Two entries
    • Multiple entries
  • Write total number of the day in Schengen State (Duration of the intended stay)
  • Mention, if you have obtained the Schengen visa during the last 3 years
    • No
    • If yes – mention the date validity from___ to___
  • Specify that Fingerprints collected previously for the purpose of applying for Schengen visa
  • Entry permit of the final Country of destination ( applicable for transit visa)
  • Write the your expected arrival date in the Schengen region
  • Write the your departure arrival date in the Schengen region
  • If anybody invited you (visiting friend or family)
    • Write name of that person
    • If not, write name of the hotel or temporary accommodation in the member state
  • Write the Address and Email Id of invited person / Hotel / Temporary Accommodation
  • And Write their Contact Number
  • If it is official visit / Business Purpose
    • then write your inviting Company / Organization name
    • Contact number
    • Write invitee person of that Company / Organization
      • Name
      • Surname
      • Address
      • Telephone / Telefax
      • Email ID
  • Specify the Cost of travelling and living the applicant’s stay is covered
    • if it is by the Applicant him / herself, then specify
      • cash
      • Traveller’s Cheque
      • Credit card
      • Pre-paid Accommodation
      • Pre-paid Transport
      • Other (if any)
    • If it is by Sponsor (host / company / organization), then specify
      • cash
      • Accommodation provided
      • All expenses covered during the stay
      • Pre-paid transport
      • Other (if any)

Page 3 Contains

  • if any family member who is an EU, EEA and CH citizen, then write their personal data
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Nationality
    • Number of travel document or ID card
    • Mention family membership
      • Spouse
      • Child
      • Grandchild
      • Dependent Ascendant
  • Then Mention Place and Date
  • Finally your Signature
  • If Minor, then signature of parent / guardian is required

Make sure that, you have filled with proper and correct information which need to be on your Schengen visa application form.


Is Schengen Visa application form available online?

It’s big No, we can not apply for Schengen visa via Online. Here it’s only possible to schedule an appointment via online and should complete the visa application process. Moreover, we need to submit the Schengen visa application for to respective visa office offline

What is next step if I made mistake in Schengen visa application form?

If you made any mistake or you had filled with wrong details, then better to download a new application form and go through the instruction which is given inn application form, read it carefully and fill the for with correct details without make any mistake and submit to the respective visa office.

What might be the reason for rejecting my Schengen visa application?

There are few reasons where your application might get reject

  • Not submitting proper documents
  • Your Financial Stability
  • Current of past criminal record

Is visa fee refundable if my Schengen visa application got rejected?

No, The visa fee is not refundable, since that fee covers your Schengen visa application processing fee.

My passport expires in two months; can I still apply for a Schengen visa?

According to the rules / guidelines, your passport must have validity for at least 3 months after you leave for the Schengen Area. But in case, if any valid of emergency situation, embassy / consulate can make an exception to this rule.