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When applying for a Schengen visa, your Schengen visa application form is the second document the visa officer would read when deciding to approve your Schengen visa or not (first document is your cover letter for Schengen visa) . So it is very important that you fill it without mistakes and be as truthful as you can be.

This article will show you how to download the right form, how to fill your Schengen visa application form and more importantly, how to avoid mistakes which could lead to visa rejection.

We have helped over 50,000 customers with their Schengen visa processing and we hope our expertise will help you in filling your Schengen visa application.

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Should you fill Schengen visa application form online or offline?

The answer to this is it depends on the Schengen consulate (or the third party visa facilitation service ) with whom you are applying for your visa with . For example , Germany has implemented an online format where you can fill the Schengen visa form as well as an option to download and fill your form.

This article covers each and every Schengen country along with where to fill the application form and a downloadable pdf of the Schengen application form.

Even though all Schengen visa forms have the same information, the second language will be the native language of the Schengen consulate. For example, a Germany visa form and an Italy visa form will have the same fields to fill out, but the second language on the Germany form will be German and the second language on the Italy form will be Italian.

So it is important that you fill the Schengen visa form of the consulate that you are applying your Schengen visa for (even if the data looks the same) .

Sample Schengen visa Application Form

Here is a sample duly filled Schengen visa form, please do note that the form is filled with a blue pen.

  • The Schengen visa application form can be filled out by anyone, but only the person needs to sign it.
  • There shouldn’t be any empty fields. If you have no concern about a certain field or area, write “N/A” in that spot.
  • If you are under 18 and want to visit one of the Schengen countries, both of your parents need to sign the Schengen visa application form and write their permission on it.
  • Only black ink should be used to fill out the form. This is good because it makes reading and writing easier.

Download Schengen country-specific visa Application Form

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to fill Schengen visa form, in the next sections you will be able to download based on your Schengen country of application.


Germany is one of the Schengen state that has implemented both the online as well as offline option for filling Schengen visa form. You can fill the application form online here . If you want to download the pdf for Germany Schengen visa, then click the download button below.

If you fill out the Schengen visa form online, you will get a barcode that lets you save the Germany Schengen visa form and come back to it later if you want to make changes or keep going after taking a break

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Austria has not implemented an online format for visa form so you will need to download the form and manually fill it using a blue pen and sign it before you submit.

Generally speaking, all visa types are issued by representation offices (→ BMEIA) abroad or, in specific exceptional cases, by certain border control posts or, where extension of the visa is permitted, by the state police headquarters (Landespolizeidirektion).

To know more about Austria Schengen Visa .


If you want to spend less than 90 days in Belgium, you may need to apply for a Schengen visa. Applications can be sent in 6 months before the trip.Belgium is one of the 26 European countries that make up the Schengen Area.

There are no border checks between the countries in the Schengen Area. These countries also give out the Schengen visa, which lets you stay for up to 90 days in any 180-day period.

Please pay attention to the fact that all visa candidates must meet the following requirements.

For the Belgium Visa, you need to fill out your Schengen visa application form online.

Click here to fill your application


Croatia is now part of the Schengen Area, which is the largest visa-free area in the world.

Croatia is the 27th country to join the project. It is home to about 4 million people.

It means that people traveling between Croatia Schengen visa and the other 26 countries in the Schengen Area no longer have to show their passports or go through border checks.

You need to fill the application online for Croatia. Please visit this link to fill your form.

We suggest that you print out your serial number and PIN so that you can keep filling out the form if you get cut off. After entering the information, you must print out a copy of the application and send it, along with the required papers, to the appropriate Croatian Embassy or Consulate, visa center, or accredited travel agency.

Czech Republic

You can either fill out the form online and then print it, or you can print the form first and fill it out by hand in large case Latin letters that are easy to read.

You can print forms in black and white. At consulates, you can also get forms for free.
Each person who wants to apply fills out their own form. Parents fill out and sign forms for children smaller than 15 years old. (Visa Code Articles 11.1 and 2)

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This is the online form for applying for a visa from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Use this form to apply for a Schengen visa at one of Denmark’s offices or consulates.

Denmark helps Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and other Schengen countries with visa applications in some places. You can fill Denmark Schengen visa application online or download the form and fill it manually.

To fill Denmark visa online


The application form for a visa to Estonia can be found HERE. Please follow the appropriate link depending on whether your planned trip to Estonia is for a short stay (choose the Schengen C-visa) or for a long stay (choose D-visa).

(if you are not able to click on the link, go to this URL: )

After completing the online application, the form must be printed out and signed before being submitted, together with other required documents to the Embassy of Estonia for processing.

 Only a signed application is valid when applying for a visa!
Source :

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Sweden has a hybrid approach where you have an editable Schengen visa application that can be typed into.

If for some reason, you want the application in Swedish, then you can download it below. Source :

To know more about Sweden Schengen Visa


Finland visa application can be filled online on the official portal itself

Finland Visa Application Form

You must also keep these douments in mind.

Proof of itinerary

  • Travel plan covering all the destinations of the trip.
  • Flight reservations, including roundtrip and possible other Schengen states and third countries. Please note it is not recommended to purchase the tickets before receiving the visa decision.
    Proof of accommodation
    Proof of accommodation for the whole stay in the Schengen area.

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France is the the most visited Schengen country and it receives millions of visa applications every year. You must fill out your visa application for France Online.

After you fill the form, you need to get an appointment with the nearest consulate or the third-party such as VFSGlobal to handle your visa processing. But it is also possible to fill the form offline,


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The Greece Consulate provides the option to fill out your visa application online. The online application is a secure procedure that is designed to help you better plan and save time at the submission counter at the Visa Application Center for Greece (VAC).

Note: In some countries like India Greece visa processing is handled by a company called GlobalVisaCenter (GVCWorld). Do not get confused if you see their website

It follows strictly the form that has been standardized for the Schengen Visa. You will need to fill in all fields that apply to your individual case.

Once you have filled out your online application form, you can send it electronically. Depending on where you live, you will need to bring the printed application and the necessary supporting papers to your appointment at the VAC.

Fill your Greece Schengen visa form here.

To know more about Greece Schengen visa.


There are forms for applying for a visa in Hungarian, English, and French. Please download and print the form, fill it out using block capitals and Roman characters, and then give it to the right Hungarian office abroad. There is no online facility for filling out the Hungary Schengen visa form.

Source :


Iceland has limited access to filling out online Schengen visa form, but for limited countries
At the moment, residents of India, the United States, and the United Kingdom are the only ones who can use this website.
They can use it to apply for a Schengen visa to Iceland. After filling out the application and sending it in online, candidates need to make an appointment at the VFS Global visa application center that is closest to them.

Bring a signed copy of the online application with you to VFS. Also, applicants must bring to the visa application center a filled-out Schengen visa application form, which can be downloaded here, a valid passport, and all other necessary documents.
Please note that the Embassy of Iceland may make a decision based on the documents submitted, even if the applicant doesn’t send all of the required documents as listed on the relevant checklist.

During the processing of their applications, the Embassy may also ask applicants to send in more papers, call them to ask about statements they made in their applications, or ask them to come to the Embassy of Iceland for an interview with Embassy Officers.


To know more about Iceland Schengen visa


The Swiss Schengen visa application form is a hybrid PDF that can be typed into. So it is just as easy to fill. Besides, the form is available in several languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Italian.

The secondary language on these forms is either French or German.

To know more about Switzerland Schengen visa


If you want an Italy Schengen visa, you will need to fill your visa application online. Sign in and fill out all parts of the online application. The printed form contains the “Barcode 2D”with the data you entered.Go to an Italian Representation Office, deliver the form and your data will be acquired to register the visa application.

If you don’t fill out everything, it could take longer process your visa application.

Link to fill Italy Schengen Visa Application

If you want to fill your Italy Schengen visa application manually, Then you can fill the below documents.


When Applying for Latvia Schengen visa , you will need to fill the application online.

The public electronic service “Visa application” is a public service that enables the Schengen visa application and Long-term visa application to be completed electronically using an electronic application form developed for this purpose.

The use of the e-service gives the visa applicant the opportunity to fill out the visa application form electronically, thereby reducing the time for document evaluation at the representative office.

Link to get Latvia Schengen visa application form.

In addition to this, applicants from India may need to go through verification. Additionally when you attend the visa interview, you will also need to bring your confirmation received from Hello Verify for successfully uploaded supporting documents for the document verification

source :


In all places where Liechtenstein doesn’t have a consular office, its citizens can use the Swiss consular office for any consular needs. Since 1919, the Liechtenstein government has asked Switzerland to look out for the interests of Liechtenstein Schengen visa applicants and its people abroad.

In general, Swiss foreign and consular representations look out for the interests of Liechtenstein citizens abroad the same way they do for Swiss citizens. So the same things that Apply for Switzerland applied for Liechtenstein as well.


Lithuania has an online portal in which you can fill your application form.

Fields which are marked with „*“ must be filled in. If there is no data required in these fields, please specify by entering “NA“.Information provided in the fill-in fields shall be only in Latin letter.Data to the EPM shall be provided within 60 minutes time.

If you do not plan to complete your Application within 60 minutes, click the “Save draft” button after every data input and write down Unique Identification Code (marked in red colour) of your Application. This Code allows you to find your incomplete Application by using “Application Search“ option.

If you completed the Application Form and wish to check whether all fields are completed click “Save for Submission” button. If no errors appear you now can submit your Application to the chosen Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania.

You can fill your Lithuania visa application here.

To know more about the Lithuania Schengen visa


Luxembourg do not have their own consulate and the visa form must be filled offline. If you are applying for visa from India, then you can apply with Luxembourg Visa Application Centre ( )

If you are living outside india, then:

The Embassy of Germany in Kathmandu:

The Embassy of Sweden in Dhaka:

The Embassy of Switzerland in Colombo (Sri Lanka & Maldives):   

For Luxembourg, you can fill your form below:

To know more about Luxembourg Schengen visa


Malta visa needs you to fill an hybrid PDF form, which you can fill online and take a printout of it for your signature.

To know more about Malta Schengen visa


Are you travelling to Norway/ Schengen as a group? Then you may apply all together.

Save time by group registration!
If you are travelling as a group of 2 or more people it is highly recommended that you apply as a group. You can register applications for a maximum of 16 people at a time on Application Portal Norway under “visa group”.

You can also apply for group visa for family and business. Remember to bring all documents mentioned in the checklists.

After you fill out the online application form and pay the fee, you will get an email confirmation with a copy of your application form (schengen.pdf), a summary of your application, and a proof for your payment. You have to print out the application form (schengen.pdf) and send it in with the other paperwork.

Fill your Norway Visa Application Here

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You will need to an offline form and take a printout of it when applying for Poland Schengen Visa



Portugal has both online as well as offline facilities when filling visa application form. You can fill your visa form here or you fill the Standard Schengen visa application form.

To know more about Portugal Schengen visa


You can fill your visa application online here . Or you can also use the harmonised Schengen visa application form below, which can be filled on a computer and take a printout for signature.

To know more about Slovakia Schengen visa


You can apply for Slovenia visa online in this website . Once done you can take a print out and take a signature on it .

If you want to fill your application offline, then you can use the below form and fill it using a blue pen.

To know more about Slovenia Schengen visa


In most of the countries, Spain has outsourced their visa application with BLSS International

To know more about Spain Schengen visa.

How to fill a Schengen visa Application form after downloading the data ?

Our article on how to fill Schengen visa application from will help you fill your letter better.