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Schengen Visa

What is Schengen Visa ?

In simple terms, Schengen visa is a travel document that allows you to travel freely among 27 Schengen countries for a period endorsed on your visa document. 

It is basically one visa for visiting 27 countries which are part of the Schengen agreement and includes countries like France, Italy, Switzerland among other Schengen countries. 

Please note that Schengen visa CANNOT be used for United Kingdom. 

Who needs a schengen visa ?

If you are a citizen of a country which does has a bi-lateral agreement with the Schengen States for visa free movement, then you will need to get a Schengen visa before you visit Europe. 

To see know which nationals need to get a Schengen visa visit here. 

How long does it take to get a schengen visa ?

Typically it take 7 to 10 days to get your Schengen visa approved, provided you have an appointment in hand and the documentation is fine . 

Can I get a Schengen visa without an interview ?

As you need to provide your bio-metric fingerprints for Schengen visa you will need to attend an interview for the same. However if you have applied for Schengen visa within the last 5 years, it may be possible to get a Schengen visa without attending an interview. 

Pick your Schengen country

Choose your country and below to know how to apply for a Schengen visa for that country. 

traveller Cutout

Schengen visa Requirements

Schengen Travel Insurance

For Schengen visa, you need to submit 0 deductible insurance with repartriation of 1 million . You can get Schengen approved travel insurance from ...

Flight Itinerary for Visa

It is very risky to book a flight ticket before your visa is approved . So is recommended to submit flight itinerary for visa, you can get flight itinerary from ..

Proof of accommodation

You need to provide proof of where you will be staying during your Schengen trip such as hotel bookings, hostels or if someone is hosting you, then a letter from the invitee.

Cover Letter

Also known as cover letter is to be submitted with every visa application to let the consulate know about the specifics of your trip such as reason for travel etc.

You can get your visa letter using BlinkDocs App.

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Excellent and to the point. I was rudderless and the team's step by step approach was great and helped me get my visa on time.
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"Thanks !! My Schengen visa was approved and just like you said the visa consulate asked us for a travel itienrary and if not for your teams foresight we would have not been able to provide it at the spot."
Linda Joy

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