Get Schengen Diplomat Visa – A Complete Guide

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Schengen Diplomat Visa are permission to enter a foreign country to carry out a mission of diplomacy. Typically, you must be an employee of the government, a diplomatic employee, or a diplomatic representative of your country to be eligible for an official visa.

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What is a diplomat visa?

People traveling abroad on official business on behalf of their nation are granted diplomatic visas. Diplomatic holders of passports are usually carrying diplomatic visas. Please keep in mind that even if you have a diplomatic passport, you will still need an official visa to enter another country.

Who may Submit a Diplomat Schengen Visa Application?

If any of the following:

  • A diplomat.
  • A spokesperson
  • An ambassador
  • Public servant
  • Armed services people.
  • A foreign government’s official guest.
  • A relative of any of the aforementioned.

Process for Officially Applying for Visas

To apply for an official visa, you must get your paperwork ready, confirm that you match the prerequisites, and then deliver your application to a foreign embassy or consulate in your place of residence.

However, you should be aware that certain nations do not permit you to independently apply for an official visa; for instance, you cannot independently apply for Australia’s special purpose visa; instead, you are given the visa when you enter the nation.

Which Documentation is Necessary to Apply for a Schengen Diplomat Visa?

  • Complete with the applicant’s signature.
  • Two current pictures. Similar and captured within the previous three months. Edited images cannot be used.
  • Authentic passport.
  • Three months after leaving the Schengen area, your passport must still be valid. It must be less than ten years old, have at least two unused pages, and be in good condition.
  • Duplicate passport page(s).
  • Copies of all passport pages bearing visas and stamps, as well as copies of the pages holding the applicant’s personal information, must be given.
  • airfare for a roundtrip flight. a record that specifies the dates and flight numbers for entering and leaving the Schengen region.
  • Your insurance should be comprehensive and valid for the entire duration of your expected stay or transit through all Schengen countries.
  • Evidence of financial capability
  • A document outlining who will pay your expenses during your journey to Europe and how.
  • Verbal Remark. If you are a government representative, you must submit a verbal note from the relevant ministry stating that they will cover all of your costs.
  • Your bank account’s statements.
  • Statements from the previous three months should be provided as evidence that you have the resources sufficient to pay for your expenses.
  • A document that outlines your accommodations for the duration of your trip, such as a hotel reservation that includes specifics on the lodging and your length of stay.
  • An acknowledgment of the fee.
  • The cost of an official visit visa is €60. Holders of diplomatic passports are not required to pay the charge.
  • Letter of Acceptance from the Schengen-based organization.
  • Along with the other documentation, a genuine letter issued by the company in Schengen and officially signed by the authorized person must be presented. It ought to read:
    • The reason for the trip
    • Information about the travel itinerary, including the destinations and dates of the trip.
    • A list of passengers along with their destination, passport number, and position

Note in writing from the Consular Department. applicable only to passports with official or diplomatic seals.

How to Get a Schengen Diplomat Visa?

The following procedures must be followed in order to apply for a Schengen Diplomat Visa for official visits to any of the member states:

  • Verify whether a visa is required for official visits.
  • Make sure you know where to apply.
  • Set up a visa interview with the appropriate party in your home nation.
  • Obtain a visa if required, and pay the price.

The embassy will process your application once you wait.

When to Apply for a Schengen Diplomat Visa?

It is best to apply for a Schengen Diplomat Visa for Official Visits four months before your intended travel date for Europe.

You have two and a half months to submit your application within this time. Your application can be submitted as early as three months and as late as 15 days before your scheduled departure.

Where to Apply for a Schengen Diplomat Visa?

If you only want to go to one Schengen nation, apply for a Schengen visa at the embassy, consulate, or visa application center (VAC) of that nation.

Please follow the instructions carefully since it is critical that you submit your application in the correct area. If you submit your Schengen Diplomat Visa application to the wrong authorities, it will be rejected.

How long does it take to get a Schengen Diplomat Visa?

A Schengen Diplomat Visa for Official Visits will be processed within 15 days of the application date. You might get a response on your visa application sooner or later, depending on how many applications were
received at that time overall.

However, this timeframe may be extended to 30 days in some circumstances, such as at the busiest time of the year when embassies receive a higher volume of applications, and in other unique conditions. It
could take up to 60 days for extraordinary cases to hear back about their application.

How long is the validity of the Schengen Diplomat Visa for Official Visits?

The maximum duration of a Schengen Diplomat Visa for Official Visits is 90 days out of every 180 days. However, the duration of your visa which may be 5 days or 1 month could be different. Everything is subject to the embassy that granted you the visa.

When you pick up your visa, look at the visa sticker that has been placed in your passport to determine how long it is valid. Since the visa sticker contains all the relevant information, read it carefully.

Can Family Members Enter the Country on a Schengen Diplomat Visa?

You can bring your spouse/partner and children along so they can stay with you while you conclude your business if you are eligible for an official visa.