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Estonia borders the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finlandin Northern Europe. There are about 1,500 islands, rugged beaches, old-growth forests, and lakes. A former Soviet republic, it has castles, churches, and hilltop strongholds. Tallinn enjoys its protected Old Town, museums, and 314m Tallinn TV Tower with an observation deck.

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How to apply for Estonia Schengen Visa?

At any point if you need help, then you can use our Estonia visa consultation service to help you.

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We advise on Schengen visas every day, so we’re constantly updated. Knowing the latest visa process makes it faster and less likely to have mistakes that lead to visa rejection.

Types of Estonia Schengen visa

The type of visa you need depends on your purpose of travel & duration. These can be categorized as :

  • Estonia Transit Visa : If you are having a layover in one of the airports of Estonia, then you may need to get a transit visa.
  • Estonia Tourist Visa : Want to backpack across the Alps of Estonia? Then you can get a tourist visa for a maximum period of 90 days.
  • Estonia Visitor visa : This visa if for those who have a relative or friend who is living in Estonia.
  • Estonia Business visa : If you are attending any trade fair, meeting clients or engaging in any business related activity you need a business visa.
  • Estonia Diplomat visa : for official visits of national delegations or government officials.
  • Estonia Medical visa : If you want to get some surgery or medical treatment in Estonia.
  • Estonia Student Visa : Enrolling in a university in Estonia. Then you can get a student visa or study visa.
  • Estonia visa for Sports, Film Crew : If you are attending any football event or shooting a movie ? then you need to get a culture visa.
  • Estonia Spouse Visa : If you want to join your spouse who either is a citizen or has a work permit for

So look at the list and determine the type of Estonia Schengen visa you must get . The next section we will book a Schengen visa appointment, so keep yours and your co-applicants passports ready.

How do I book an appointment for Estonia Schengen Visa?

You must book your visa appointment ASAP or your holiday plans may be destroyed.

If you arrange a trip and discover no available appointment slots at VFSGlobal, your airfare, hotel, and travel schedule are useless.

The consulate provides appointments for the next three months; you can schedule one then. Each co-applicant needs a separate appointment, so prepare their information.

Contact us if there are no Schengen visa appointments and we’ll assist you find alternatives.

Where to book Estonia Schengen visa appointment?

You can get an appointment for your visa online. But because the link to get an appointment depends on your location, we cannot share a common link and you need to check yourself.

You will need to get an appointment with either the Schengen consulate or with any of the third party visa processing companies such as VFSGlobal or BLSS Spain. Or you can contact us to get an appointments for you.

Can I get one appointment for my whole family?

The applicant must have one appointment per family member. VFSGlobal allows one account to arrange 5 Schengen visa appointments. But everyone getting the appointment on the same day may be impossible.

What information should I submit to schedule an appointment?

We require your name, passport number, expiration date, issuing date, etc. We’ll handle this if you type it in or email us a passport photo.

The consulate needs different information in different countries. We will contact you for more information.

Print down your appointment reference number (ARN) to submit with your visa application.

To know more about Schengen visa appointments, visit here.

Documents needed for Estonia Schengen visa

The next step is to prepare your Estonia visa documentation, which depend on visa category, applicant age, and work status.

The minimum Schengen visa documents are:

These documents may also be required depending on an applicant’s work status.

  • Work agreement
  • Two months’ worth of bank statements, preferably more recent.The bank’s signature is required on these.
  • Send a letter of approval from your employer to leave.
  • Forms for filing income tax returns (ITRs).
  • Documentation verifying your company’s legitimacy, such as a PAN, Tax ID, or Company TIN
  • Two months’ worth of bank statements, preferably more recent. The bank’s signature is required on these.
  • Returns for Income Tax (ITR) as of Late
  • Documentation of Enrolment
  • Letter of clearance from an educational institution.
  • Proof of pension payments made during the past six monthsBank statements that have been signed by the depositor.
  • The minor’s birth certificate. * A completed application for an Estonian visa, including the signatures of both parents.
  • A decree from a family law judge. When one parent has sole legal custody of the kid.
  • Both parents’ official identification documents
  • The Guardianship Authority’s approval. In the event that the kid will be traveling with just one parent or without any companion at all
  • A rental certificate or other evidence of consistent income would also be acceptable.

Additional documentation may be required depending on the type of visa you are seeking.

Additional Documents for Estonia Tourist Visa

Additional Documents for Estonia Business Visa

  • Documentation extending an invitation to visit Europe on behalf of your employer.
  • Your present employer must sign a leave approval letter expressing their approval of your travel and the purpose of your leave.
  • Financial records from the past six months for the company.
  • Certificate with a photocopy of the original Memorandum of Association (MOA).
  • Business License Authorization (if applicable)
  • Evidence of Trip Sustenance: A formal letter from the company clearly identifying the party accountable for the trip’s expenses. If the worker receives payment now and gets their money back later. The letter must make note of it.

Additional documents for Estonia Medical Visa

  • Documentation of therapy expenses, if applicable
  • The medical facility in your home country must write a letter stating that you require treatment in the country you are visiting.
  • Documentation endorsing the course of therapy
  • Hospital consultation abroad (if applicable)
  • The Ministry of Health’s official letter confirming their intention to pay for your expenses

Additional documents for Estonia Student Visa

  • Justification for enrolling in the school
  • Acceptance letter from your present school

Additional Documents for Estonia Visitor Visa

The visitor visa format will be as follows:

  • In order to apply for a visa, you must now provide an invitation letter.
  • When residing with relatives or friends in Estonia (without receiving financial support):The host must provide the invitee with their full name, mailing address, date of birth, official identification number, occupation, and permanent residence in the invitation letter. The letter must also specify the reason for the visit, the duration of the stay, and the accommodation status, including the invitee’s whereabouts and the party responsible for covering their expenses. Identification documents and a copy of the host’s passport are required.
  • If you are staying with friends or relatives in Estonia and receiving financial sponsorship, your host in Estonia can get an electronic affidavit from the local Estonian police station to prove that you are visiting and not receiving any other forms of financial assistance.”Electronic Guarantee Letter” requests may arise from time to time. The local aliens police department offers this service at no cost. In no more than 48 hours, the relevant body handling your EVE will transmit the necessary details to the Estonian Embassy. Each visa applicant is required to present a unique identification number during the interview process.

Additional Documents for Estonia Transit Visa

  • Ticket for the final destination.
  • You will need a visa to enter the nation you are planning to visit.

Additional Documents for Estonia Sports, Culture Visa

  • Event Details. As:
  • A formal invitation from the appropriate Estonian organization outlining the specifics of the planned actions in Estonia.
  • Invitations to the party.
  • Conditions for enrollment.
  • An exhaustive schedule of the Estonian event.
  • Also included are documents that detail the event and include the names of those who applied to be crew members.
  • Documentation of prior achievements. Participation in prior festivals and ceremonies (cultural, religious), sports events, winners certificates, proof of world/international ranking (sports).

Additional Documents for Estonia Spouse Visa

As a spouse of an Estonian citizen, you are required to submit the following additional documents when applying for an Estonian visa:

Identity document, consular card, certification of Estonian nationality, or naturalization order proving Estonian citizenship.

Marriage license from Estonia.

A family record book from Estonia.

The section of the letter pertaining to the visa requirements must contain the following details:

You can fill out one of two forms.

Marriage certificate copy

The spouse’s passport and a copy of their resident permit

Do you need a flight ticket to apply for Estonia Visa ? Can you use a flight itinerary ?

Although it is not recommended to apply for an Estonia Schengen visa with a fully purchased travel ticket, a provisional booking or flight itinerary can be used instead. You will be able to purchase your plane ticket once your visa has been authorized.

The FlightGen app is how we generate customer flight itineraries, and it’s available to you as well. Get additional information about applying for a visa using a flight itinerary.

What does a travel itinerary mean when applying for Estonia visa ?

If your visa to Estonia is accepted, you should prepare a detailed plan of what you expect to do each day on your vacation itinerary. The consulate will utilize this information to determine whether to grant you a visa, so be sure to include it in your cover letter or visa application.

We would like to learn more about the process of writing a visa letter or cover letter for an Estonian Schengen visa.

Is a cover letter needed when applying for Estonia visa ?

Yes. The Schengen Visa Application Process Requires a Cover Letter.Your Schengen visa appointment requires a cover letter, according to the VFS website.

cover letter for Schengen visa

Can I apply for a Schengen visa without travel insurance?

Yes. Schengen visa applications, including Estonia Schengen visas, require travel insurance for the entire trip. offers travel insurance for less $1 per day.

How long does it take to approve my Estonia visa Application ?

Visa approval can take 15 working days from paperwork submission. It can take 25 days if there are long holidays.

You can apply for an Estonia visa up to 3 months before your travel because Schengen visa appointments last 2 months.

What is the fee for Estonia Schengen visa ?

The fee for Estonia Schengen visa is € 80 for adults and €40 for kids over age of 6 . Children below 6 can apply for Schengen visa for free If you are applying with VFS or BLSS, then there is a processing fee of €20 that you will need to pay with VFS or BLSS.

Who requires an Estonia Schengen visa ?

If you are traveling to Estonia, you will need a Schengen Visa if you are a citizen of a non-Schengen country without a visa-free travel agreement with the area, or if you have been refused visa-free travel.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the fastest way to get a Schengen visa?

Unfortunately, there’s no way of speeding up the process beyond the 15-day Schengen Visa processing time. However, you may be able to avoid delays by ensuring your visa application is clearly filled in, concise, and easily explainable alongside your supporting documents.

Can I apply for Schengen visa immediately?

The application must, in principle, be submitted to the Consulate at least 15 days before the intended journey and cannot be lodged earlier than six months before the start of the intended journey. You may have to book an appointment before lodging the application.

Can I get Schengen visa without interview?

As soon as you have submitted your visa application form, you will be required to attend an interview with a visa officer at the consulate of the Schengen country.

Do I need a visa to visit Estonia?

Estonia is part of the Schengen Area – currently formed by 27 states who do not need a visa to travel between each other. Many other countries have visa-free arrangements with the Schengen Area – but those who do not will need a Schengen Visa.

How much is the Estonian Schengen Visa fee?

The standard Schengen Visa fee is €80 – with those between six and 12 years of age costing €40. Children younger than this can travel for free.

Is Estonia a Schengen country?

Estonia is indeed a Schengen country, which means that you may need a Schengen visa to visit it as well as its neighboring states.

How long is Estonia Schengen visa valid for?

The validity period of an Estonia Schengen visa is 90 days (within 180). Staying longer in Estonia requires a different kind of visa (national long-term visa).

Finally, after receiving your Estonia Schengen Visa, note:

If you don’t tell the Estonian Consulate/visa application center of trip plan modifications after applying, your visa may be withdrawn.

An Estonian visa does not ensure access to Estonia or the Schengen area; you can be denied entry upon arrival.

You may also need financial or housing documentation to enter Estonia/Schengen.

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