Leave Approval Letter for Schengen Visa

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The employer authorizes the employee to take a set amount of time off work to travel within the Schengen Area, which is known as a “Leave Approval Letter for Schengen Visa.

The leave letter may be paid or unpaid depending on your employment standards and the collective bargaining agreements. The leave letter may or may not be legally protected. Your leave letter is not protected by local law when you apply for a Leave Approval Letter for Schengen Visa.

As a result, your employer has the discretion to accept or reject your request for a leave of absence for a certain time period.

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The Necessity of Authorized Employee Leave Approval Letter for Schengen Visa Applications

We recommend that you include employee-approved leave for the following reasons, even if it is not required for your Schengen visa application.

It gives extra proof that you are truly employed – Embassies/Consulates must confirm that you have contractual responsibilities in your country of residence because this will provide solid evidence of your intentions to return home and exit the Schengen Area.

It offers uniformity to the rest of your documentation – The Visa officers will carefully examine your documents to determine whether all of the dates mentioned match. For example, your leave dates must correspond to your travel dates, the dates within nations must correspond to your hotel reservations, and so on. As a result, the dates provided on your employee leave letter paperwork must correspond to the periods specified on your No Objection Letter (NOC), as well as your flight and hotel reservation dates.

If your company allows you to take a paid leave letter (this information is usually included in the leave letter approval document), it will provide the Embassy/Consulate officers with additional proof that you will have enough money to cover all of your expenses while visiting the Schengen Area.

Which Type Of Approved Leave Should You Include With Your Visa Application?

The leave request for your application may be a formal annual leave, long service leave, or an authorized absence without pay (in most countries, there are statutory agreements for the minimum period that an employee leaves from work), depending on the laws of your home country and your employer’s policies.

Your employer’s approval for the leave may come in the form of a “formal approval letter” (a letter printed on company stationary including your employer’s stamp and signature) or a straightforward email from the human resources division.

A representative of your firm (such as your manager or supervisor) must write the approved leave of absence. The Human Resources (HR) division is typically in charge of handling the employees’ leaves letter.

Even though your employer’s approval of your leave letter is not the most crucial document you must submit with your application, keep in mind that your leave request is the first crucial step in the application process for your visa (since you cannot apply for a Schengen Visa and travel without your
employer’s permission)

How to Get an Employee Leave Letter for a Schengen Visa

It is advisable for you to request a leave Letter at least 30 to 60 days in advance of your planned departure date. This is because your company will need time to find a replacement for you while you are away, and it will also give you time to get your Schengen Visa.

Regarding employee leave letters, you should carefully review your company’s regulations and procedures (in certain cases, you may need to request your vacation time several months in advance).

Keep in mind that the company’s policies and procedures, which are detailed in the informal contract that you and your employer will sign, determine the amount of “paid” vacation time you are allotted to utilize, prior to determining how many days of leave you require.

The company mostly determines an employee’s eligibility for “paid” vacation time based on the length of time they have worked. Unless you can persuade your employer to agree to give you a few weeks of paid time off, it is not advisable for you to request a two-month leave letter if you have worked for them for less than a year.

The organization and structure of your firm largely determine how you might request a leave Letter from your employer.

1. If you’re employed by a small company

You can have a casual conversation about this with your manager, supervisor, or boss if you work for a small company with a laid-back atmosphere.

To reach a consensus with your employer about the days you can take off without interfering with their business, we advise you to outline your reasons for wanting to take a leave of absence from work as well as the dates you would like to take it.

Simply ask your employer to write a formal approval letter that you can submit at the Embassy/Consulate along with all of your other documents once they have granted you authorization to take a specific period of time off (this period can be the one you chose from the beginning for your trip or
another time frame, depending on the needs of your company).

2. If you are employed by a large company

In order to request a leave of absence if you work for a large organization, you may need to follow a formal procedure. First and foremost, you need to be aware of your employer’s policies
regarding employee leaves letter.

Remember that your employer is not required to grant your request for a leave.

Due to this, we advise not using a lot of your vacation time in the weeks leading up to your European trip; otherwise, your company may not be as accommodating and may just deny your request for too much time off.

Use the request email listed below to send the HR department a formal request for a leave of absence.
We advise that you talk over your travel arrangements with your boss before leaving, even if your company delegated the decision to grant an employee a leave letter to the HR division. You don’t want your immediate boss to learn that you are taking extra leave by avoiding them.

When you contact the Human Resources division to request a leave of absence, you have two choices:

Submitting an expected form

If an employee needs to request a leave of absence, your firm may have a special form they need to fill out. In case, if the company asks the employees to complete a form when they request a leave, you may simply request a copy of this form from one of the HR Department representatives if this is the case. If so, simply request that they send you the form, properly complete it, and then return it to the HR division.

writing a letter to your manager or the HR

If submitting a leave of absence request does not require you to complete a specific form, you can contact HR via email instead.

You can follow the format in the example below, but if you don’t know the recipient’s name, just begin your letter with “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam.”

Sample letter requesting a Leave Approval Letter for Schengen Visa

Dear Human Resources Department/Dear [Name Of Human Resources Manager],

Greetings, Sir/Madam Whoever You May Be,

I, [Your Full Name], have been working for [Name Of The Company] as [The Position You Cover Within The Company] constantly since [Starting Date].

And I would like to ask for a leave of absence for a vacancy from [Start Leave Date] to [End Leave Date].

I would be happy to help with any questions via email or phone whenever available. If permitted, I will be traveling within the Schengen Area during this time for [Purpose Of Travel]. If I can be of any more assistance or if you have any questions, just let me know.

Your complete name

If the employer approves your leave, you will also be able to print one of our templates and give it to the person who accepted your leave letter, whether you work for a small business where your manager will write the letter directly or a large corporation where the HR Department will do it.

If the HR Department approves your leave request via email, you can download the email and submit it along with the rest of your Schengen Visa documentation.

Please contact us if you require any other information.

Avoiding Mistakes When Applying For And Writing A Leave Approval Letter for Schengen Visa

There aren’t many mistakes that your manager/supervisor/HR Department can make in your leave of absence approval letter because the format is simple and only comprises a small amount of information.

Is a letter approving leave required for a Schengen visa?

For employment verification, you must provide a corporate identification card, an appointment letter, and confirmation. You must also obtain leave authorization for the full duration of your stay in the Schengen region. Please be aware that the consulate contacts you and examines the documents you send from your place of employment.