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Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, occupies a peninsula and surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. Helsinki is home to the 18th-century sea fortress Suomenlinna, the fashionable Design District and diverse museums. The Northern Lights can be seen from the country’s Arctic Lapland province, a vast wilderness with national parks and ski resorts.

This article is for Finland Schengen visa applicants.

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Choose an appropriate visa type and the right consulate

If you require assistance at any time, you can take use of our Finland visa consulting service.

Because we advise on Schengen visas every day, we are always up to date on the visa application process. This provides us the distinct advantage of understanding the most recent visa process, which will make it considerably speedier and less likely to contain errors that lead the visa to be rejected.

Types of Finland Schengen visa

The type of visa you need depends on your purpose of travel & duration. These can be categorized as :

  • Finland Transit Visa : If you have a layover in one of the airports of Finland, you may need to obtain a transit visa.
  • Finland Tourist Visa : Want to backpack across Finland’s Alps? Then you can obtain a tourist visa for a maximum of 90 days.
  • Finland Visitor visa : Those who have Finnish friends or family members living there are eligible for this visa.
  • Finland Business visa : Obtaining a business visa is essential if you plan on meeting with clients, participating in trade shows, or conducting any other business-related activities.
  • Finland Diplomat visa : During the official visits of government officials or delegations from other countries.
  • Finland Medical visa :If you are considering a surgical procedure or other medical procedure in Finland.
  • Finland Student Visa : After that, a study visa or student visa may be obtained.
  • Finland visa for Sports, Film Crew : What if you’re going to a football game or filming a movie? A cultural visa is required.
  • Finland Spouse Visa :If you wish to reside in Finland with your spouse who is a citizen or holds a work permit.

Check the list to see which Schengen visa type is required for entry into Finland. Bring your passports and the passports of any co-applicants with you to the appointment we will schedule for the Schengen visa in the next section.

Steps on How to Apply for a Schengen Visa for Finland

Step 1: Figure out why you want to visit Finland. This will help you decide what kind of visa you need.
Step 2: Figure out how many entries you need to enter Finland or the Schengen area.
Step 3: Get the documents you need.
Step 4: Make an appointment for a Finland Schengen visa (if needed).
Depending on where the Finnish Consulate or visa centre is, you may need to make an appointment for a Finland visa before you can send in your application. You might also be able to drop off your application without making an appointment, as long as you do it during normal business hours. Get in touch with your Finish Consulate or Embassy to find out if you need to make a meeting to send in your application.
Step 5: Fill out your form.
You can fill out an application for a Finnish Schengen visa here. Print out and sign your application when you’re done. This hard copy will be sent to the Finnish Consulate or visa processing centre where you are applying.
Step 6: Finally, pay the fee to apply.
Step 7: Send in your application.
There are different ways to send applications to different Finnish consulates and handling centres. Applications almost always need to be turned in in person at the consulate or centre you are going through.
Most likely, you will also be asked to send in personal data (fingerprints) along with your application. Fingerprints probably don’t need to be taken from kids younger than 12 years old. However, live face photos will have to be taken no matter what age the person is.
Please keep in mind that after you send in your application, you may be asked to come back later for an interview to give more information about your trip.

When to apply for Finland Schengen Visa?

Application must be submitted 15 days before travel and no sooner than 6 months before trip.

Where to apply for Finland Schengen Visa?

Finnish consulates and visa application centres accept Schengen visa applications to Finland.

Ideally, apply at the consulate closest to you or a visa centre approved by the consulate. Please remember that you must legally reside in your applying nation.

Check your local Finnish Consulate/Embassy here.

If there is no Finnish consulate, petitions might be made through a Schengen state representing Finnish consular interests.

You must apply for a Finland visa at the consulate or visa centre in person.

Processing Time for Finland Schengen Visa

Processing time for a Finnish Schengen visa is usually 15 days, but it can take up to 45 days in some cases.

If your visa was approved:
Take out your visa and check that the information on it is correct and full to avoid any problems.

If your application was denied:

You can file an appeal within 30 days of getting a Schengen visa rejection for Finland.

To know more about Schengen visa appointments, visit here.

Documents needed for Finland Schengen visa

The next step is to compile your Finland visa documents, which depend on visa category, applicant age, and work status.

The minimum Schengen visa documents are:

Additional documentation may be required depending on an applicant’s work status.

  • Employment Contract
  • A copy of your most recent bank statements for at least 6 months.These must be signed by the bank.
  • Leave an approval letter from your company.
  • Income tax return (ITR) forms.
  • A copy of your business registration, such as Tax, Company TIN, or PAN.
  • A copy of your most recent bank statements for at least 6 months. These must be signed by the bank.
  • Latest Income Tax Proofs (ITR)
  • Proof of Signing Up
  • A letter of no complaint from a school or college.
  • A copy of your last six months’ pay orderBank records that are signed by the bank.
  • Birth record of the child going to Finland.
  • An application for a Finland visa that has been signed by both parents.
  • Order from a family court. When there is only one parent who has full care of the child.
  • Signed copies of both parents’ IDs or passports.
  • An approval from the Guardianship Authority.
  • A child under 18 years old must travel with at least one parent or alone with someone else.
  • Any other proof of a steady income, like a rental agreement.

Additional documents depend on the visa you apply for.

Additional Documents for Finland Tourist Visa

Additional Documents for Finland Business Visa

  • Company invitation letter to Europe.
  • Current employer leave approval letter showing leave approval and justification for travel.
  • Last six-month business bank statement.
  • Original certificate and MOA copy.
  • Trade licence (if applicable)
  • Travel Sustenance Proof: A clear employment letter specifying who pays for the trip. If an employee gets paid and repaid later. The letter must mention it.

Additional documents for Finland Medical Visa

  • Any therapy payment proof
  • Your hospital’s letter stating the need for treatment in the visiting country.
  • If applicable, treatment support letter
  • Foreign hospital appointment (if any)
  • An official Ministry of Health letter stating they would cover your expenses

Additional documents for Finland Student Visa

  • Institutional enrollment proof
  • No-objection certificate from your college

Additional Documents for Finland Visitor Visa

Visa format for visitors:

  • Visa regulations now need an invitation letter.
  • Without financial sponsorship, staying with friends or family in Finland: An invitation letter from the host must include the host and invitee (name, address, birth date, official identification number, occupation, and permanent residence), the purpose of the visit, duration of stay, and accommodation status. Passport and residency verification of the host.
  • If visiting friends or family in Finland with financial sponsorship: The host must get an electronic affidavit from the nearest alien police in Finland if your visit is sponsored by a Finnish resident.Sometimes a “Electronic Guarantee Letter” is required. Local alien police offer this free service. Your EVE authorities will notify the Finland Embassy within 48 hours. Visa applicants must present an ID number at the interview.

Additional Documents for Finland Transit Visa

  • Final destination flight ticket.
  • Your desired country may require a visa.

Additional Documents for Finland Sports, Culture Visa

As: Event info

  • Invitation letter from the relevant Austrian body describing the events or activities.
  • Event tickets.
  • Conditions of enrollment.
  • Detailed Austrian event programme.
  • Other documents include applicant (crew member) names and event details.
  • Proof of past performance. Previous cultural and religious events, sports tournaments, winners certificates, world/international sports rankings.

Additional Documents for Finland Spouse Visa

The spouse of a Finnish citizen must supply the following documents to apply for a visa:

Proof of Finnish citizenship (ID card, consular card, nationality certification, or naturalisation order).

Finn marriage certificate.

The Finland family record.

You must include the following in the visa requirements letter:

Two applications exist.

Copy of marriage cert

Spouse’s passport and residency permit copy

How Much Does It Cost to Apply for a Finland Visa?

The Schengen Visa fees or Finland  are as follows:

  • €80 for adults and
  • €40 for children under the age of 12.
  • Free of charge for children under the age of 6

Do you need a flight ticket to apply for Finland Visa ? Can you use a flight itinerary ?

A fully purchased airline ticket is unsafe when asking for a Finland Schengen visa. You can use a temporary booking or flight itinerary. After your visa is accepted, book your flight.

To know more about using flight itinerary for visa.

What does a travel itinerary mean when applying for Finland visa ?

A travel itinerary is a day-by-day schedule for Finland if your visa is accepted. This information must be in your cover letter or visa letter, which the consulate will use to approve your visa.

Is a cover letter needed when applying for Finland visa?

Yes. Schengen visa applications require a cover letter.Please bring a cover letter to your Schengen visa appointment, per the VFS website.

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Is the travel insurance mandatory for Schengen visa application ?

Yes. Any Schengen visa application, including Finland’s, requires travel insurance for the entire trip. offers travel insurance for less $1 per day.


Is Finland visa easy to get?

Finland Schengen visa processing time: 15 days for individuals and around 20 days for groupsFinland visa for Indians cost: INR 6700 or EUR 80Finland visa for Indians validity: 90 days within every 180-day period. After reading through this guide, you’ll be able to easily apply for your next Finland Tourist Visa.

How long does it take to get a Schengen visa in Finland?

10 working days

What is the success rate of Finland tourist visa 2023?

Finland – 9.7 per cent. Slovakia – 9.7 per cent. Latvia – 9.5 per cent. Lithuania – 7.8 per cent.

How much gap is accepted in Finland?

How much gap is accepted for study in Finland? There is no such restriction for a study gap in Finland, as it accepts students globally. However, taking a study gap is a drawback for you as it makes you one step down the ladder to your success, it is best if you apply for your abroad studies as soon as possible.

Can I apply Finland without IELTS?

Is IELTS required for Finland student visa? No, IELTS is not required for Finland Student Visa. You can get admission to Finnish Universities without IELTS. But you have to pass entrance exam.

Can we get PR in Finland?

You are eligible for a P-EU residence permit if you have lived in Finland on a continuous residence permit (A permit) for an uninterrupted period of five years. If you are suspected of or have been found guilty of an offence, you may be denied a permanent residence permit or P-EU residence permit.

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