What are the Schengen Visa Photo Specifications and Requirements ?

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Photographs are one of the most important requirements when applying for a visa to Europe. No matter what type of visa you apply for, you must always submit two pictures together with the other Schengen visa documentation and you know should know the Schengen Visa Photo Specifications and Requirements.

It all comes down to having all of the necessary travel paperwork. The majority of people will make certain that all of the documents they collect fit the visa criteria. However, one item that they frequently neglect is the passport photo.

It is critical to have a passport photo that matches the requirements for the Schengen visa application. As a result, the Schengen countries have gone above and beyond to specify all passport photo requirements. When taking a photo for a passport or visa application, keep these things in mind.

In general, all visa photo criteria adhere to the same standard. As a result, the standards I’m about to outline should apply to the majority of visa applicants. So please allow me to walk you through all of the parameters and requirements for visa pictures. Let us now look at any questions you may have:

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What Are the Schengen Visa Photo Specifications?

Let’s first look at the fundamental needs before delving into the specifics and conditions of the visa photo. You will get flawless passport photos if your photos are shot in accordance with these specifications.

Schengen visa specifications

For you, I have created a list of those prerequisites:

  • You must include TWO pictures of yourself for identification when requesting a Schengen visa. These images, which are a component of your basic required documents, must meet certain requirements for size, format, and viewpoint.
  • If possible, attach these photographs to your application with a paper clip; do not staple or glue them to the paper.
  • The Schengen visa photo must be 45 mm in height and 35 mm in width.
  • The photo for the Schengen visa must be colored. Photos in black and white are not permitted.
  • 70–80% of the image should be taken up by your head.
  • The background of the picture should be a light hue, such as white, off-white, or grey.
  • The background of the shot shouldn’t contain any patterns or objects.
  • The subject should be facing directly into the camera.
  • The applicant should not be grinning and should have a neutral facial expression.
  • Make sure the background of your outfit does not match it.
  • There shouldn’t be any uniform components apparent in the pictures.
Other Important specification
  • You could be required to scan and/or upload your images electronically for submission as part of your electronic application if you are applying for a Schengen visa online using an official online visa application portal. If so, the same guidelines as above apply to these pictures. You will probably need to submit physical copies of your images in addition to the ones you supplied online because the majority of consulates and embassies ask you to submit a print copy of your application along with your online application.
  • After being uploaded, these photos are added to your biometric identifiers and entered into the Schengen Visa Information System (VIS), a system that enables Member States to share information about visas. Your information is accessible once entered for the following five years to the necessary authorities of the Member States.
  • These various authorities may use your information during this time for a range of objectives related to immigration or asylum, or even to help prevent or investigate terrorism or other particularly serious types of criminality. You agree that these images may be used for any of the aforementioned objectives by submitting them.

Do Children Have To Meet The Schengen Visa Photo Specifications?

Most Schengen nations have modified their regulations regarding photographs, particularly for children under the age of nine. However, a photograph is essential when applying for any form of visa for your children. The face should take up 50-80% of the photo in certain specifications for children’s images. The face should be measured between 22 and 36mm from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head (not the top of the hair). The photo size for a Schengen visa is the same as the adult photo size.

Children Under the Age of 5

As previously stated, the photo requirements for children under this age are eased. Children, unlike adults, do not have to maintain a neutral expression or look squarely at the camera. Furthermore, their heads do not have to be centered in the photograph.

Though they do not have to stare directly at the camera, the color of their eyes should be noticeable in the photograph. See the images below to better understand the photo requirements.

Babies under the age of six months

Babies under 6 months old can be photographed lying down or in a baby chair. When photographing a baby lying down or on a baby chair, the background should be of one color, such as a plain white sheet. However, make sure that no baby-supporting equipment, such as hands, toys, or a baby chair, is apparent in any images.

It is not required that babies gaze straight at the camera, and it is not an issue if the baby’s eyes are closed. It’s also fine if the baby’s mouth is open in the photo.

Can We wear glasses or a hat in my Schengen Visa photo?

Religious head coverings and eyeglasses are permitted as long as they do not block a clear view of your face and eyes.

You should be aware that you are not permitted to upload images with head coverings such as hats or caps. Religious head coverings are acceptable as long as the complete face is visible from the bottom of the chin to the brow. Make certain that the covering does not cast a shadow on the applicant’s face.

Applicants who wear glasses should keep in mind that flash reflection, tinted lenses, or sunglasses are not authorized. Furthermore, your glasses frames should not obscure any area of your eye, and your eyes are clearly visible in the photo. Photos with red eyes are not permitted.

Where Can I Get My Schengen Visa Photographed?

A friend or family member can take a picture of you at home using innovative technology, and you can print it anywhere near you. You can even use photo editing software at home to crop your image before printing it.

Many locations, including post offices, libraries, and local government offices, will take your photo and even print it for you. Additionally, picture merchants in shopping centers and malls can snap your passport photo; however, the rates vary.