Apply for Malta Schengen Visa from US – A Complete Guide

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US Green Card holders can tour Europe with the Malta Schengen Visa. A Schengen member and one of the world’s smallest countries, Malta is plenty of charm. Malta is a Mediterranean treasure with exquisite beaches and pre-Pyramid temples. The Malta Schengen visa process for US Green Card holders is explained here. Entrust us with the visa application process for a smooth trip and a great time together.

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Do U.S. Green Card holders have permission to enter Malta without obtaining a visa?

No, U.S. Green Card holders (F1 (I-20), H1B, G1, J1, etc.) are required to obtain a visa if their country of birth does not have a visa exemption agreement with the European Union under the Schengen Area Free Movement Agreement. Verify whether you can enter the Schengen area without a visa.

Do US citizens need a Malta Schengen visa?

From 2025, all American passport holders will need an ETIAS authorization form to travel to Europe. The short-term category, 90 days in 180 days, does not require a visa.

What are the ETIAS rules for Malta?

Starting in 2025, visitors from the 60 countries that can visit Europe without a visa will need permission. You simply need one of ETIAS or a Schengen Visa to gain this permission. To clarify, complete 4 questions in this ETIAS evaluation to see if you require a Schengen visa or ETIAS to enter any Schengen area.

How do I apply for a Malta visa from the US as a green card holder?

Follow the steps given below to get your Malta Schengen visa from US

Know your visa type to travel to Malta based on your purpose

  • Check where to apply for a Malta visa in the US
  • Determine the Visa type
  • Download and fill out the application form
  • Book an appointment at the Embassy of Malta in Washington, DC
  • Prepare your documents
  • Attend the interview at the Embassy
  • Pay your visa fee
  • Wait for Visa Processing

Types of Schengen Visa to travel Malta:

Where can you apply for a Malta Schengen visa from US?

Embassy of Malta in Washington DC 

Address: 2017 Connecticut Avenue NW, 20008, District of Columbia, Washington, United States

Telephone: +1-202-462-3611

Fax: +1-202-387-5470


How to book an appointment for a visa application at the Malta Embassy in Washington?

You can either call +1 (202) 462-3611 or send an email via [email protected] to book an appointment and request further information on the visa application process, including supporting documents.

Documents Required for Latvia Schengen Visa for Green Card Holders in US

1. Printed Schengen visa application form

2. Two recent identical passport photos

3. Original valid passport or travel document

4. Notarized copy of proof of residency in the USA

5. Copies of previous Schengen visas

6. Flight Itinerary

7. Proof of Accommodation

8. Travel Insurance

9. Proof of sufficient financial resources

10. A letter from your employer

11. Cover Letter

12. Civil status proof

13. Sponsorship letter

14. Proof of subsistence

Proof of Income
  • if you are an employee:
    • Most recent pay stub.
    • Latest 6 month your bank statements.
    • A letter from your current employer or a company by stating your job title, start date and your yearly income and approved time off.
    • ITR (Income Tax return) Certificate.
  • For self-employed:
    • Copy of your company / business license;
    • Proof of previous economic activity.
    • Latest 6 month bank statement of your company
    • company Income Tax return Certificate.
  • For retired:
    • proof of pension benefits or other regular and sufficient income 
    • Or Latest 6 month bank statement
  • Financial dependent:
    • Last joint Income Tax Return or joint bank statements
    • Sponsorship Letter
  • if you are minor:
    • birth certificate and written consent of your parent / guardian
    • Written permission from parents or guardians, notarized, to travel abroad.
    • Parents or guardians sign the Belgium Schengen visa application form.
    • One parent must be there, and the other parent must write permission for the application to be made in his or her place.
  • If you are a Student or Researchers
    • A certificate from the receiving institution / University by attesting to the duration and intent of the visit Belgium
    • Certificate from Home institution / University on enrolment.
    • If you are not staying in a hotel, then confirm your accommodations by providing the name, address, and phone number of the lodging facility.
    • a letter which should states that all costs are covered, if applicable.

Travel Medical Insurance For Latvia Schengen Visa

Green card holders and third-party nationals must have to provide travel medical insurance, which is a essential document to obtain a Latvia Schengen visa. Travel medical insurance should cover at least 30,000 EUR for medical services or emergency hospital stays in the event of illness. It should include all Schengen Area countries. Furthermore, it should cover any costs associated with sending someone home for medical reasons.

Know more about Travel Health Insurance here

Flight Itinerary for Malta Schengen Visa

We will help you out to create temporary or dummy flight itinerary or will book dummy flight tickets for your Latvia Schengen visa purposes, once your Latvia visa gets approved then you can pay the fee and book the actual flight tickets.

Know more about Flight Itinerary for visa here

Proof of accommodation

The accommodation dates must match with flight dates. If you are staying at a hotel, include complete reservation information. If you are staying with relatives or friends, please bring an invitation letter from the host.

Cover letter for Your Latvia Schengen Visa

Cover letter will explain the purpose of your trip, duration of stay, co-passenger details, travel dates, and return information. This is the first document used to persuade Maltese officials to give you a visa; therefore, be specific when addressing.

What happens on the day of the appointment at the Malta Embassy?

Come to your appointment with your application and documentation in print. During interviews, parents or authorised personnel should accommodate minors. If necessary, authorities will request additional information after reviewing your documents. When answering, be polite and assured. Fingerprints and facial photographs will be taken. People under 12 or with fingerprints from 59 months ago do not need to be fingerprinted. Visa fees. Visa processing may take time.

How much is the Malta Schengen Visa fee for US green card holders?

The visa fee is settled in United States dollars in cash, money order, or cashier’s check only.
Fees depends on the exchange rate on the date of the appointment. Personal checks are not accepted.

Schengen Visa€80.00
Children 6-12 (until the age of 12 years minus 1 day)€40.00
Children 0-6 years (i.e., children that are 6 years of age minus 1 day)€0
Schengen Visa (Family Members of EU, EEA and Swiss Nationals)€0
Schengen Visa (for Countries with Visa Facilitation Agreements)€35.00

What is the visa processing time for a Malta visa?

Visas are processed in 15 days and can extend up to 45 days for certain individuals if further security checks are required. Hence, it is advised to apply at least 15 days before your scheduled trip.

What if my Malta Schengen Visa gets refused, annulled, or revoked?

If Maltese authorities refuse, annul, or revoke the visa, they will send you a refusal letter specifying the reason. In that case, applicants have the right to appeal against such decisions to the Immigration Appeal Board within 15 days of receiving the letter. You must address the board only in English and send the appeal to [email protected] with a copy of the refusal letter and notarized supporting documents, which aid in the review. You can address the board as

The Secretary
Immigration Appeals Board
15, 1st Floor, City Gate Building, Ordinance Street, Valletta.

The applicant and Central Visa Unit will be notified of the decision from the Immigration Appeal Board.