Apply for Latvia Schengen Visa From US – A Easy Guide

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Short-stay Latvia Schengen visas are required for vacations. US green card holders may read about Latvia Schengen visa from US, and about requirements, fees, where to apply, how to apply, and more here.

The Schengen Union country of Latvia is great to visit. The capital, Riga, has many attractions, so start there. Gorgeous nature surrounds Madona. Always amazed by Latvia.

Getting your Latvia Schengen visa can be difficult, but we can assist. We can discuss US green card holders’ Latvia Schengen visa.

Do US citizen require a Latvia Schengen Visa to visit?

US citizens can visit Latvia without a visa. They need no visa to visit Latvia and other Schengen countries. The US has a visa-free travel agreement with the EU, which includes Latvia.

US citizens can spend 90 days visa-free. Short stays for tourism, business, cultural or sporting events, short-term study, or medical treatment should not exceed 90 days in 180 days.

US residents must apply for a National (D) Visa to visit Latvia and other Schengen countries for longer stays.

Starting in May 2025, US citizens must register for ETIAS before visiting Latvia.

Do US Green card holders require a Latvia Schengen Visa to visit?

Passport type matters. As a US Green Card holder visiting Latvia. With your passport, you can apply for a Latvia visa.

Those possessing passports from countries with visa liberalization agreements with the EU don’t need a Schengen visa to enter Latvia.

If you have a US Green Card yet live in India, for example. Schengen Visas for Latvia are required. India doesn’t have visa liberalization with the EU, hence applicants from India can’t enter Latvia or other Schengen Areas without a visa.

ETIAS Latvia for US Citizens

The US and EU have a visa liberalisation agreement, thus US citizens can visit Latvia and other Schengen countries without a visa. From May 2025, US citizens must register with ETIAS before visiting Latvia.

Everyone from visa-free nations can travel to Schengen using ETIAS, an electronic travel authorization. US citizens will soon need ETIAS to visit Latvia.

So, you don’t need a travel permit for each European country you visit. American tourists can visit Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania with ETIAS.

Who can Apply for Latvia Schengen Visa from US?

US citizens can apply for Latvia visa? Refer to below.

  • Exclusive Latvian visits require a Schengen visa.
  • Visit Schengen nations like Latvia. Get a Latvia visa if you plan to stay there a lot.
  • If Latvia is your first Schengen country, you can apply for a Latvia visa to visit and stay equal days in each.
  • USA citizens have been denied visa-free entrance into Latvia or other Schengen nations.
  • Latvia and other Schengen countries require visas for US green card holders. Permanent US residence is needed. You must stay in Schengen for three months after leaving.

Types of Latvia Schengen Visas for US Green Card Holders

What are the Documents Required for Latvia Schengen Visa from US?

1. Printed Schengen visa application form

2. Two recent identical passport photos

3. Original valid passport or travel document

4. Notarized copy of proof of residency in the USA

5. Copies of previous Schengen visas

6. Flight Itinerary

7. Proof of Accommodation

8. Travel Insurance

9. Proof of sufficient financial resources

10. A letter from your employer

11. Cover Letter

12. Civil status proof

13. Sponsorship letter

14. Proof of subsistence

Proof of Income
  • For Employees:
    • An updated employer letter indicating your position, length of employment, and salary. Alternatively, you can provide the latest three payment stubs.
  • For Self-Employed Individuals:
    • Your last year’s Income Tax Return.
    • A “Good Standing Certificate” issued by the Secretary of State.
  • For retired:
    • proof of pension benefits or other regular and sufficient income 
    • Or Latest 6 month bank statement
  • For Financial Dependents:
    • Provide your last joint Income Tax Return or joint bank statements.
    • Make sure to include the relevant documentation based on your status to strengthen your visa application.
    • Leave Approval letter for Sweden Schengen visa letter from your current employer.
  • if you are minor:
    • birth certificate and written consent of your parent / guardian
    • Written permission from parents or guardians, notarized, to travel abroad.
    • Parents or guardians sign the Belgium Schengen visa application form.
    • One parent must be there, and the other parent must write permission for the application to be made in his or her place.
  • If you are a Student or Researchers
    • A certificate from the receiving institution / University by attesting to the duration and intent of the visit Belgium
    • Certificate from Home institution / University on enrolment.
    • If you are not staying in a hotel, then confirm your accommodations by providing the name, address, and phone number of the lodging facility.
    • a letter which should states that all costs are covered, if applicable.

Travel Medical Insurance For Latvia Visa for Green Card Holders in US

Green card holders and third-party nationals must submit travel medical insurance for Latvia Schengen visas. The insurance must cover at least 30,000 EUR in medical care or emergency hospital stays, all Schengen Area countries, and costs for sending someone home for medical reasons.

Know more about Travel Medical insurance for Latvia Schengen visa here.

Flight Itinerary for Latvia Visa for US Green Card holders

Pre-approval flight tickets can be dangerous. However, we will design a dummy trip itinerary or book dummy airline tickets for your Latvia visa. Once your visa is accepted, you can pay the money and book the actual flight tickets.

Travel itineraries contain the following information about your trip. This includes:
You want to visit Latvia for trekking, honeymoon, family, or a trade show.

Your visa’s validity. Travelling for 7 days will result in a visa validity of 9 days from the start date.
Visa type—single or multiple entry. In order to re-enter the Schengen area after visiting London during your Europe trip, you must hold a multiple entry visa.

You can know more about flight itinerary for Latvia visa.

Cover Letter For Latvia Visa for Green Card Holder

Latvia Visa applications require cover letters. Learning how to draft this cover letter could determine whether the visa is granted.

Cover Letters are essential for Schengen Visa applications. You should describe yourself, your vacation, and when you’ll return home in your cover letter. It provides Embassy or Consulate consular workers with a rapid overview of your travel history, including dates, jobs, and more.

Know more about cover letter for Latvia visa.

How to Apply for Latvia Schengen visa from US?

Follow the steps to know how to apply for
  • Identify your visa type
  • Complete your visa application and bring it with you to the VFS Visa Application Centre.
  • Gather the mandatory Latvia visa required documents
  • Book your visa appointment
  • Pay your Visa fees
  • Visit a Visa Application Centre

Where to apply for Latvia Schengen visa from US?

VFS Global has taken the responsibility to process the Latvia visa.

How to Book an appointment for Latvia Schengen visa from US?

Once after completing your visa application form, you must schedule an appointment to submit your Latvia visa application at a VFS Global Visa Application Centre.

When to apply for Latvia Schengen visa in US?

We advice that you should apply as early as possible. Latvia visa applications has to be lodged not earlier than 6 months before the start of the intended visit.

How long does it take for my Latvian Schengen visa to be Approved ?

According to Article 23 of the Visa Code, diplomatic/consular missions must make a decision on a Latvia visa application within 15 calendar days of its submission.

In some exceptional circumstances, that processing time for Latvia visa may be extended up to 45 calendar days. In some extreme cases, it may take up to 60 calendar days.

What is the cost of Latvia visa for green card holders in US?

The Latvia visa fees for a applying in the United States are:

  • Cost for Adults is – 80 EUR.
  • For kids under 6 years is – FREE
  • For kids aged between 6 to 11 years is 40 EUR.
  • Airport Transit Visa – 80 EUR
  • for Nationals of Albania, Armenia, Azrebaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Georgia ,Moldova, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Serbia, Ukraine, Kosovo is – 35 EUR
  • For US residents holding a Gambia passport is – 120 EUR.
  • VFS Services Charge – 37 EUR